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Level 1 Basic Foundational skills £299.00

Learn EFT 'live' online starting with Level 1 Basic Skills which is a comprehensive introduction to Foundational skills for self use (and family/friends). The scheduled course dates are here. If you don't see a date that suits you then please contact me as there are many more upcoming.

The training is designed to help students use basic EFT competently in a strictly non-professional capacity yet professionally trained to the highest levels.

Completion of this Level 1 is a prerequisite for further training towards Level 2 and does not concur Practitioner status.

The 'live' online course is 12 hours as required by EFT International with 'live' training.

Marie Holliday is your Master Trainer of Trainers throughout the 'live' online training and the course investment includes all Pre-Course, Live Online Training & Post Course manuals and full support from Marie.

Marie aspires for you to be the best that you possibly can be either for yourself or towards Practitioner status and includes for your benefit: 3 hours pre study and 3 hours post study which are the following:

  • Her own EFT Manual for reading, study & practice & Self Assessment Test on the manual. Pre-Study 3 hours ​
  • Develop your own Personal Peace Procedure, Borrowing Benefits exercise, Reading/study. Post Study 3 hours 

Total course time of 18 hours which includes 12 hours online training & 6 hours home study/practice.

Level 1 Course consists of the following training methods:                                                                                                                               

  • Course Manual
  • In person training sessions
  • In person discussions
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Demonstrations
  • White Board
  • Reviewing sessions
  • Reflecting & Sharing
  • Questions & Answers
  • Group Exercises/Tapping
  • Quiz
  • Practical time with demonstrations
  • Pre course study
  • Post course follow up
  • Self Assessment test
  • Practice time

Level 1 Course Training Contents:

  • Welcome from Marie, Group Introductions, Housekeeping & Confidentiality
  • Course Objective
  • Origins, Background & Efficacy
  • Building Bridges to EFT
  • The EFT 'Discovery Statement'
  • Tapping Basics
  • Group Tapping on 'Constricted Breathing'
  • The Importance of Measuring & Testing ( SUDs & VOCs )
  • Reflecting your Client's Exact Words ( Introduction to Rapport)
  • When EFT doesn't Work
  • The Importance of Being Specific
  • The Concept of Aspects & Shifting Aspects
  • The Importance of Persistence
  • Hydration
  • The Apex Effect
  • The Generalisation Effect
  • Additional Tapping Points, Strategies & the 'Your Point' Concept
  • Handling Excessive Emotional Intensity
  • Cognitive Shifts
  • Borrowing Benefits
  • Introduction to Trauma & The Movie/Tell The Story Technique
  • Quality Detective Work
  • EFT for Physical Issues
  • EFT for Cravings
  • Confidentiality & Healthy Boundaries
  • EFT for Self - Care: 'The Personal Peace Procedure'
  • Abreactions
  • Limitations to Level 1 Competency

Pre- Course you will receive the following:

  • Full course fees including deposit, missing a class/sessions and cancellation information etc.
  • Course Registration 
  • Course Manual
  • Pre-Course Manual study
  • Pre-Course Assessment Test
  • Course attendance instructions eg: quiet area, privacy
  • Course program structure with breaks/lunch etc.
  • Zoom instructions, handling technical issues
  • EFTi Learning Outcomes document for Level 1
  • EFTi Syllabus & Training Guide for Level 1
  • Link to EFT International Training & Certification Program
  • EFTi Glossary of Terms

Post-Course you will receive the following: 

  • Level 1 Certificate of Attendance student level only (does not concur professional Practitioner status)
  • Course Feedback within a week of course completion
  • Post follow up study

Course Dates here and Purchase your Course there.

Level 1 is a non-professional certificate but is a prerequisite to professional certification. If you are interested in training to professional Level 2 Practitioner status, then more information is available here.

Invest in your Level 1 Course here £299.00

Includes all Course Manuals and Pre & Post Study with 12 hours live training from Marie Holliday, Master Trainer of Trainers.

If you wish to pay a deposit OR pay to a UK Bank account direct then message here.

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